Our company is built on the premise of helping business professionals in all industries realize their potential and be more strategic with their technology. We understand that every company has different objectives, challenges, and IT needs. That’s why we’re committed to customizing our service offerings to meet the needs of any and all businesses.

We know that every business we work with is built on a strong foundation, and is equipped with capable leaders and invaluable support staff. That’s why, we like to play a completely supportive role. We come in, get to know how your business operates, and customize our services to meet the unique needs of every organization.

Check out some of the main industries that trust us to deliver customized and strategic IT support:

  • Accounting Easton Technology understands that accounting firms are busy places with many moving pieces. Our team also understands that technology is vital in helping accountants get work done more efficiently. After all, handling the financial details of all your clients is no small feat.

    So, we’re committed to working alongside your team to develop and IT infrastructure that is both efficient and secure. We’ll help make sure that all your firm’s data is secured both in transit and at rest. Our team will constantly be on call to provide proactive support and consultative guidance to make sure your firm maintains a competitive advantage.

  • Legal Easton Technology knows just how difficult it can be to balance the endless work of a law firm. That’s why the Easton Technology team is committed to ensuring that law firms are equipped with all the IT infrastructure support they need to stay organized and productive.

    Our IT solutions for law firms are custom designed to relieve stress and streamline processes, while keeping confidential data secure. So much of the modern law firm is reliant on technology. From maintaining records, to scheduling concerns, to communication challenges. The Easton Technology team is committed to provide top-to-bottom IT solutions that help law firms work more efficiently.

  • Oil and Gas Easton Technology understands just how fast-paced the oil and gas industry is. Things changes rapidly and oil and gas professionals are constantly looking for ways to better handle organizational challenges and changes in demand. Technology plays a huge role in helping oil and gas professionals streamline operations and work more efficiently.

    Our team is committed to supporting this incredibly busy and essential industry. No matter the size of your operation or the nature of the work you do, Easton Technology can customize IT solutions and strategies to help your oil and gas organization flow more consistently and handle rapid change more effectively.

  • Small and Medium Businesses Small-to-mid-sized businesses are some of the hardest working organizations in the game. Often SMBs are operating with small teams and are trying to manage everything themselves to keep overhead costs low. The Easton Technology team understands this, and that’s why we’re committed to designing affordable, value-packed managed IT service options for SMBs.

    Whether you need basic help-desk support or more comprehensive IT strategy and support, the Easton Technology team is committed to designing customized IT solutions for SMBs of all shapes and sizes. No matter your industry or your unique challenges, our team is committed to making your operation work better and more consistently.

Is your industry missing from this list?
Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

The industry verticals we’ve listed here include some of the most complex and highly-regulated in the business space. We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards in order to serve their needs – and the needs of any business, in any industry. If you’re wondering whether or not we have IT services and solutions to meet your company’s needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and learn how we can change your IT reality.

Wondering what kind of services we offer? Here’s a brief overview of the basics:

#1 Ranked Computer Support
  • Managed or Co-Managed IT Services Our support level can be completely customized to suit your firm-specific needs. We’re able to support you in whatever ways you need including round-the-clock helpdesk services, strategic end-user support, and network management and maintenance.
  • IT Security We help you build a impenetrable wall around your company’s IT infrastructure. We’ll build and monitor a secure and reliable cybersecurity solution that is proactively designed to offer peace of mind and strategic protection.
  • Cloud Services, Hosting, Domain Management Allow us to show you the incredible business benefits offered by the Cloud. Our team offers Cloud solutions designed specifically to increase mobility, access, cost-efficiency and productivity for your team. We can even remotely host and manage your company domain.
  • Office 365 We help your organization leverage mobile and collaborative power via Office 365 to increase flexibility, scalability and productivity for your firm. No matter the apps you use most, we’ll customize your Office 365 platform to provide optimal performance.
  • IT Consulting & Strategic Planning We help lighten your IT burden by serving as a strategic partner who will help you plan for the long-term. Technology changes rapidly and our IT consultants are committed to helping professionals create realistic and strategic plans to help them evolve alongside their technology.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery We help ensure your business is always prepared for the unexpected. No matter the kind or amount of data you process, we’ll help you harness the power of secure backups and strategic disaster recovery tools to ensure your vital files stay secure and available – no matter the circumstances.

So, what makes the Easton Technology support team so special?

  • We have extensive experience working alongside businesses and organizations across a wide variety of industries. We are committed to customization and providing a full-service experience for every client we work with.
  • We’re committed to staying in tune and up-to-date with continually evolving technology trends. With a finger on the pulse, we’re determined to help everyday professionals take advantage of enterprise-grade IT solutions.
  • We’re easy-going, down-to-earth professionals who are vigorously focused on helping your organization achieve desired business outcomes. Your success is our success and we stop at nothing to help you efficiently achieve the success you strive toward.

Let’s not waste any more time. We can’t wait to get started crafting custom IT solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Contact the Easton Technology team of professionals anytime at
(405) 384-4490 or via email at support@eastontechnology.com.