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How Much Downtime Can Your Business Handle?

Data backup is a requirement, especially when managing sensitive information. If primary versions of the data are lost, backup systems can recover the information. Server virtualization is emerging as an excellent option in disaster recovery due to its lower cost and improved recovery times.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery. Every small-business owner should have some kind of disaster recovery plan. Quality cloud storage providers will work with you to create a disaster recovery plan that’s tailored to your business’ needs before entering into discussions about backup.

Business Continuity

Are you prepared for a business disaster or unexpected server crash?
Have you figured out how much it will cost for you to be down for an extended period of time?
Can your business survive complete loss of data event?

We work with our clients to ensure your business will have a backup and business continuity plan designed to help you quickly recover from any disaster and stay in contact with clients and employees. Even with a power black-out, we can protect your servers.

Backing up is quick & easy


Near real-time backups-as frequent as every 5 minutes. Virtualization solutions making it easy to access your backed-up data no matter what happens to your office.

Low cost, speedy disaster recovery

Eliminate the cost and time of managing on-site tape backup. Backups are saved in the cloud maintaining and protecting key business data at an affordable cost.

Strategy to deal with any issue

Backup monitoring and Daily Recovery Tests - to ensure that every backup is performed correctly. Data encryption so it is not accessible to anyone, either locally or at the remote storage facility without the passkey.

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