Cloud technology is continuing to revolutionize the business space. Cloud technologies are replacing traditional computing solutions at a faster and faster rate every day. Cloud solutions are providing business professionals in all industries with increased functionality and productive power than ever before.

The simple fact is that Cloud solutions are more flexible, scalable, and affordable than their traditional alternatives. The team of IT professionals at Easton Technology is committed to helping organizations take advantage of streamlined Cloud solutions to help them maintain a competitive edge and remain strategic.

Cloud technology can help your organization:

  • Eliminate outdated hardware and the problems that accompany it.
  • Develop enterprise-grade IT strategies to level the big-business playing field.
  • Strengthen your business continuity and backup solutions to better combat
    cybercrime and unexpected disaster.
  • Revolutionize your approach to data storage, application access and business

Easton Technology offers Cloud Services that empower and equip your team to increase efficiency and collaboration, while enhancing communication and simplifying teamwork.

We hear from businesses all the time who are looking for strategic IT solutions that will help them do business more efficiently and effectively. We’re always eager to connect with these clients and introduce them to the revolutionary benefits that the Cloud is offering businesses.

More importantly, we’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to Cloud solutions with as little disruption to business as possible. We take the time to understand how your business flows and determine a strategic game-plan for seamless Cloud implementation. Simply put, we’re committed to doing Cloud implementation and management the right way, the first time.

The Easton Technology team helps your business leverage Cloud solutions that used to be reserved for enterprise-level corporations with massive workforces. And the best part? We do it for an affordable monthly subscription to make sure you’re not breaking the budget. In fact, in the long run, we’re committed to helping businesses see cost-efficiency benefits after a migration to the Cloud.

Easton Technology has created a dynamic collection of Cloud-based service offerings including:

  • Application centralization
  • Patch management and platform maintenance
  • System and data backups
  • Event log tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Domain hosting and management
  • Office 365 support and optimization
  • Ongoing technical and helpdesk support

Better yet, we’ve managed to make sure all of these service offerings are:
  • Affordable – created to suit any budget.
  • Scalable – designed to grow alongside your company as things change.
  • Fully-Managed – we’ve got you covered from implementation to optimization.
  • Powerful – custom-built to support mission critical business, anytime, anywhere.

How Do We Help? We Determine Which Cloud Solutions are Right for Your Business

Cloud solutions are making a lot of headlines lately, but it’s no surprise that every company has their own approach to optimizing Cloud technology to suit their needs. There are countless options when it comes to Cloud technology for business and we’re committed to helping every client find the approach that works best for them.

Check out some of the most common approaches to Cloud for business, briefly explained below:

  • Private Cloud The private Cloud solutions are Cloud infrastructures that are built, owned and maintained by the organization itself. No one else uses the platform and it is created specifically for use by your organization. Private Clouds are usually the best solution for organizations processing sensitive data in highly-regulated industries.

  • Public Cloud Public Cloud solutions are built, owned, and maintained by an external, third-party company. Your organization pays to use part of this public Cloud with your taxes. Public Cloud arrangements are usually paid via a monthly subscription. Public Clouds are a more suitable option for organizations with less regulations and restraints on IT and data transmission processes.
  • Total Cloud Companies who transition to the Cloud may go all the way or just partially. On a “Total Cloud” platform, all of an organizations applications and resources are accessed and used via the Cloud only. This means that all your business can occur from a web-browser, on practically any device, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Hybrid Cloud For companies who aren’t quite ready for a full-on Cloud migration, Hybrid Cloud solutions offer a useful alternative. This is an especially attractive option for organizations who are looking to maintain certain performance, compliance, or security mechanisms.On a Hybrid Cloud model, some parts of business applications and resources are stored in the Cloud, while others remain housed on physical servers. This allows organizations to keep the parts of their IT infrastructure they need while still taking advantage of the cost-saving and flexibility benefits of the Cloud.

So, what are all these strategic Cloud advantages?

Alright, we’ve talked a lot about the different Cloud services we offer and the different models these solutions can take. But now it’s time to focus on the good stuff: what exactly are the strategic business benefits that the Cloud offers companies like yours?

  • Flexibility & Scalability Cloud solutions are custom designed to expand and shrink as the demands on your company change. Implement what you need now, and experience the benefit of adding and removing resources as needed. This is especially helpful for businesses who experience seasonal activity spikes.
  • Time to Value The rollout schedule for implementing Cloud solutions is one of the biggest benefits by far. Compared to large-scale, in-house infrastructure implementations that can take years, Cloud platforms can be implemented and optimized within three months. For busy and budget-conscious professionals, this offers huge value with much less overhead time and cost.
  • Real-Time Collaboration Cloud solutions allow for increased collaboration and communication within your team and among your colleagues and clients. Cloud technology allows your end-users to work on the same file, all at the same time – meaning you eliminate bottlenecks and keep your entire team busy consistently.
  • Optimize Remote Working Capabilities As mentioned, Cloud technology revolutionizes your team’s ability to take advantage of remote work opportunities. Whether you have team members on the road, a boss working from home, or want round-the-clock access for your employees, Cloud solutions make it possible to work anytime, anywhere.
  • Relieve Staff Burdens Whether you have an over-worked internal IT staff or you’ve been relying on regular team members to handle tech issues, migrating to the Cloud offers huge relief with its centralization and streamlining power. Everything is centrally located and remotely monitored and your internal staff can focus on more critical issues.
  • Increased Computing Power Simply put, the Cloud is just more powerful than traditional in-house computing options. The Cloud is able to activate countless CPUs which offers a virtual supercomputer for your company. This means you take advantage of optimal computing power and endless deep analytics to help you continue optimizing.
  • Reliable Cost-Efficiency Cloud services are designed to allow business professionals like you take advantage of strategic, low-cost, low-risk, opt-in IT solutions for a predictable monthly fee. Easton Technology is committed to helping every organization find a strategic and budget-conscious Cloud solution.

Still dreaming about the ideal Cloud solution for your company? Make your dream a reality! Reach out to Easton Technologies today to make a smart, seamless, and strategic move to the Cloud.

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